Depression and low mood are strong emotions.  All our emotions arise in the limbic system in our brain.  It is here that our basic survival instincts are located.  Our fight or flight response is activated when we feel threatened or in danger.  Because this is designed to enable us to escape or to fight, our higher logical thinking ability is switched off.  That’s why we cannot think straight or reason properly when angry, in low mood and or suffering with depression.

You don’t have to feel isolated

     Some of the symptoms of depression are loss of motivation and feeling isolated.  Also, there can be loss of interest in what you used to enjoy doing and no appetite.  Everything can appear hopeless and too much effort.  However, you don’t have to feel isolated or on your own.  I know I can help you through this time of doubt.  For that is all it is, a passing phase.  Let’s face it, you can only feel like you do because you have known better times in the past.  Those times are coming again.  I care about your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.  Allow me to assist you in rediscovering that strength and determination I know you have within you right now.  When the Sun shines it casts shadows and there are bright areas.  You are sitting at the moment in one of the shadows.

A bright place

     Let’s walk together and find a bright place to sit.  Can you remember that warm sun on your skin and feeling good?  Think about it for a moment.  It’s worth finding a sunny spot to feel good again, isn’t it?  Muster that determination and will-power to do something positive, something to improve your situation.  Call me now, while you are thinking about it, on 07544 838238 for information on how I can help you, or send me an enquiry.    Yes, depression and low mood are strong emotions.  So are you strong.  With the use of Mindful Guided Visualisation, Hypnosis and Psychotherapy the shadows can be removed.  Thank you for reading this.  I look forward to speaking to you.

Image of brain with word depression in red


Should you be seeking further information the charity Mind is a good starting point i.e.