The opinion we have of ourselves has been created by all those experiences we have had since birth. The foundations of these thoughts about ourselves were all laid in our childhood. We acquired them, in the main, from those people who were responsible for our upbringing. They and the environment moulded us into what we are now. Therefore, our interpretation of events were all seen through the eyes of a child seeking love and security. The degree of receipt of those two vital emotions impacts upon our level of confidence and self esteem. They can cause painful memories resulting in Low confidence/self-esteem

Painful Memories

However, it is not the memories of the events that are the problem. But the emotions that our minds have attached to those memories. It is the painful memories that our minds block out or suppress that now provide the templates for our Low confidence/self-esteem. A smell, a location, a creature or event can pattern match that template, activating our fight or flight response. Our heart beat increases, our breath becomes faster, our stomach becomes tight and we can’t think clearly. Sounds familiar? We have the urge to escape, to hide, or we may feel inclined to fight. Whatever; we don’t feel comfortable, becoming self-aware, wishing to be far, far away. This doubt about yourself is a set of thoughts running through your head. Listen, can you hear them?

It does not have to be that way

It does not have to continue to be this way. With the use of Mindful Guided Visualisation, Hypnosis and Psychotherapy we can together re-evaluate those memories, identifying and reinforcing the positive aspects of your life. Replacing the negative with the positive. You, too, can be that dynamic positive person you dream to be. Take back charge of your life, be positive now. Call me on 07544 838238 for more information, or send me an enquiry. I also offer a pre-arranged 20 minute free of charge online consultation where we can discuss your case and answer your questions.

For young people who are experiencing low confidence/ self-esteem. They may be interested in the website