A phobia according to a dictionary means a person has an ‘extreme abnormal fear of or aversion to something’. But I believe you already known that . That fear you have can be seen by others, even yourself, as irrational. But that does change how you feel when you are confronted with or start to think about it. However, most if not all phobias and fears that people experience have their roots in learned behaviour that has been developed over time or from a previous bad experience.

     For example, in the case of spiders or mice, when a young child  witnesses their mother scream, climb on a chair or run out of the room on the sight of a mouse or spider, it is therefore not impossible for that child to associate the mouse or spider with danger.  What do we do in the presence of danger?  We get scared and want to run away.

An Irrational Fear

In a similar way, finding yourself confined in a small space, such as a lift or in an underground train in rush hour. This may now have become a serious worry or concern affecting your travel and working prospects. Over time your body has experienced this degree of discomfort and confinement as a threat to your welfare. As a result it presents as an irrational fear trying to protect you form the danger. This can cause you to want to run or hide from the ‘threat’.

With the assistance of mindful guided visualisation, hypnosis and psychotherapy you can impact upon the way you think and how you react in that previously worrying situation. When is comes to those phobias and fears, you can take control of your life again, and re-write your future. Call me today on 07544 838238 for more information, or send me an enquiry.