My service to you, and the number of sessions required,   is dependent upon your symptoms and your history.  In straightforward cases one or two sessions may all be that is required.  However, in some more persisted cases a few more session may be needed.   Your resolve and commitment is also important.  

      I provide a personal, one-to-one, confidential professional service.  It is designed to provide you with the location, opportunity and time to feel safe and secure.  An ‘Oasis’ in which you can explore those hidden and suppressed memories.   As well as the causes and triggers of your feelings of insecurity, self-doubt, anxiety and/or stress. 

     However,  you  do not have to wait until you are suffering from a condition.   Hypnosis and Mindful Guided imagery are both very  relaxing calming experiences.   These can assist you in reducing that level of stress and anxiety you are now experiencing.   Why not try one or two sessions now in order to  keep at  bay that dis-ease.   Such sessions would be at a reduced cost.

     Should you feel unable to attend in person due to the nature of your condition, or other inhibiting circumstance, I am available via Skype. My service to you also includes in appropriate cases  home visits.  As you will appreciate, in such cases  the cost of the fuel would need to be covered. 

     My fee for each one hour session is £50.00. A 20% discount is available to Senior Citizens, Students and those on a reduced income.

     I offer a 20 minute free consultation in order to discuss your individual case and to answer your questions.  Please call me today on 07544 838238 for more information, or send me an enquiry